Youth Coaching

A safe space for kids or teens to work on their personal goals, learn about their minds and emotions, and feel happier in themselves.

We all need a safe space to land. Mental and emotional wellbeing is a learned behavior. Youth coaching is to support young people and help them develop a sense of self and resilence in their world.

We provide coaching sessions through Zoom for the ages of 8 years old and up. These sessions are a child-centered approach and have the inclusion of their village too (family and caregivers) if they wish.

What is youth coaching?

Youth coaching is used as the preventative approach. It's a safe space for young people to learn about emotions, self-care, and wellbeing. A lot of the sessions are based around the individual and takes into account what both the child or the parent/caregiver needs. It's there to nurture the wellbeing of the young person and ensure they feel happy and fulfilled within themselves. Whether that be in their mindset, school, friendships, or at home. Thus improving their experience of life by having more fulfilling friendships, family time, feeling better about their studies, and feeling good within themselves.

How to book a session

Contact Kelcy and book a session as the parent/caregiver first. She will walk you through the process, learn about your needs for your child and then book a session with them. Each situation is unique so she will tailor the sessions to suit your needs, as well as your child.

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