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Welcome to Always a Mentor

Welcome to the Always a Mentor Podcast by Coobari.

I'm Kelcy - founder of Coobari and host of this podcast.

After working with young people for many years I wanted to create a place for them to easily learn life skills, working through their emotions and growing healthy connections with others.

Always a Mentor was born out of being a mentor for young people and wanting the resources that support me.


Welcome to the Always a Mentor podcast. I’m Kelcy - host and founder of Coobari. I’ve been working with young people for many years, supporting them through mindset, emotions and school work. The big question is how we help them navigate this life and learn the skills to overcome challenges with the least resistance. That’s where the support system comes in - being you! The parent, teacher, youth mentor or caregiver.

Always a Mentor is a space to support you so that you can support their well-being. This podcast will feature conversations, guided meditations and resources so that you feel confident in guiding the young people in your life. We encourage you to take what feels good and leave the rest. Subscribe to our podcast wherever you get yours! Head to to discover more resources, workshops and our app Coobari.


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