Brain Breaks Reset Emotional Capacity in Young People

Using brain breaks allows for a pause and reflection, which gives a calmer motion forward.

As young people can have big emotions at any time, knowing and learning to work with their mindset is a good skill to have. We can often act quickly from things that trigger us or keep it bottled up inside with no way to let it out. It's an emotional spectrum that can be vast, and it might be hard to tell where someone is on that scale. Having a baseline that they're able to come back to is helpful.

Whether you're a teacher or a caregiver - you can teach or guide them through these steps:

Take time to pause

Having a quiet space to sit and pause helps to settle any tension. It might be a sacred space in their rooms if you're at home. A tee-pee perhaps or comfortable cushions on the floor.

If you're in a classroom, it might be a calming corner to sit quietly and have the space to just to be.

Reflect on the emotional state

Each young person will move through this phase differently. We aren't all in the same place when it comes to knowing our emotions and moving through them. If you reflect - you'll find that you might still have these moments.

So, take out the need to make this perfect and go with the flow of emotions. Emotions are E=energy in Motion. You can teach them this concept and prompt them to be curious about where their BIG emotions take them. What happened? How might it look different next time? Does it need to be different next time? No emotion is wrong - it's all relevant. What are the emotions teaching them about who they are.

Keep in mind - they might be chatty or have nothing to say. Both are equally important for processing life experiences.

Calmly move forward

Choosing how to move forward is a big thing. If the experience calls for a different outcome, what might that look like? Would they have a word or signal to talk about something before it grew bigger? Is there a safe space for them to confide in you or speak to someone else? Did they need some support or resources?

Our brains are always taking in new information, and when we're young - everything can seem new and scary or new and exciting. Setting up safe places to work through experiences will help them create good associations with these moments and learn. We are giving them the confidence to have the right tools for the future. Each moment - big or small - goes a long way.

We have created Brain Break resources in our app - Coobari. Calmly moving forward looks different to everyone, but our favourite is going through a breathing practice. Our triangle, square or bubble breathing meditations help ground emotions and bring the focus back their breath.

Access our Brain Breaks in our app through the Coobari in Education Membership.

Or enjoy our free animations in the Breathe tab.