Our Story

I'm Kelcy, the founder and CEO of Coobari. 

For many years I have worked with young people. My background includes being a Youth Mentor, Coach, Teacher Aide, Tutor and Disability Support Worker - all specialising in learning and behavioural therapy. 


I believe that every young person given the right resources can thrive, no matter their circumstances. I have seen this many times over again through working in one-on-one sessions. Given the right support and materials - each young person has been able to create big shifts in their lives toward a happier and calm state.

Coobari was born out of the desire to help young people navigate life's ups and downs. This enables young people to learn that they get to write their own story when learning, socialising or supporting their mindset and emotions. 

With my experience in tech, art and design, I was able to bring these tools to more young people by building our app Coobari


Gathering all my research, experience, and resources in our app allowed me to bring my expertise and teachings to help support more young people.