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Our Story

Kelcy Vermaak founded Coobari as a wellbeing company for young people. From an early age, Kelcy was given the tools by her mom on how to move through emotions and life events. Growing up is hard enough, and not understanding how to manage it all is even harder. She realised as she got older what an impact this all had on her mindset and ability to move in the world. The right tools and support change everything.


She has since spent the last 10 years working with children of all ages and slowly began to realise that there is a big gap in providing this support for the younger generations. Her mission is to bridge this gap in our world and provide a safe space for young people to learn about their mindset, emotions and creating meaningful connections. With themselves and the environment around them. She brings on many years of experience as a tutor and coach to provide helpful resources that have had a profound effect on many others.


Coobari is here to lead the next generation in living a happier and healthier life, with strong foundations that will carry them through many years to come.

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About Kelcy

Kelcy is passionate about supporting young people to succeed in their lives. She has worked with young people for many years as a teacher aide, tutor and youth coach. Her background also includes a music degree and mindfulness training. She believes a happy and content mind leads to a more fulfilling life and she wants to change the landscape of how we learn life skills at a young age.


"Teaching young people the skills of how to use their mind, move through their emotions and create fulfilling connections is the foundation to being the best they can be" - Kelcy


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