Our Framework

1.1 Self-Awareness

The ability to go within and see who we are so that we can navigate emotions, our inner world and relationships.

1.2 Autonomy

The right to self-govern and learn independence skills. Self direction outcomes where appropriate.

1.3 Sleep

Learning calming down strategies for deep rest and regeneration. Important for brain development and emotional resilience.

1.4 Meditation

A state of calm and regeneration. Practicing being our thoughts and recognising our natural state of presence. Important for stress relief and managing emotions.

1.5 Gratitude

Connecting to our inner human-ness and finding appreciation for what's in our world. What we appreciate ... expands.

1.6 Calm and Relaxation

Finding activities and thoughts that are calm and relaxing in our environment and headspace. Happy hormones and a happy life.

1.7 Nourishment

Recognising food groups, nutrition and water intake to support wellbeing for a happy body and mind.

1.8 Movement

Moving our bodies in a way that fills us up. Taking notice of what feels good for our bodies and moving everyday in some way.

1.9 Self-Care

Making time for ourselves and our mind and body. Self-care supports who we are and creates the foundation to our wellbeing.