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Always a Mentor Workshops

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We've created workshops that are concise but full of practical knowledge. Our mission is to help you guide the young people in your world, and we know time is not always on your hands! Learn new skills, create those ah-ha! moments and learn how to thrive with the children in your world. Our membership includes access to ALL workshops to allow you to learn at your own pace.

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Little Ones, Big Emotions

Feeling defeated when the children in your life have big emotions? Learn how to move through it with ease!

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Helping with homework

Struggle with homework time? Learn how to create structure and get through it! Use our templates and planners.

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Creating Mindful Routines

Children THRIVE on routines and predictability. Learn how to mindfully create routines that are adaptable.



"Kelcy has been a welcome part of our family's journey through primary and secondary school. With her enthusiasm, eternal optimism and inexhaustible ability to find new ways to practice spelling, doing boring handwriting exercises and teaching how to plan out and do homework assignments, our home life was much more stress-free and calm." - HB

This membership is for you if ...

 you are a parent, teacher, support worker, carer, coach or someone who works with young people
 you are looking for a library of wellbeing resources to help support young people
 you want to build deeper connections with your children in your life
 you're a teacher wanting to create safe spaces in your classrooms for young people to learn about themselves
 you need support in your youth work or support for your home
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